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Ageia launches AGEIA APEX

by on16 November 2007


New game physics dev tools


AGEIA has announced the release of AGEIA APEX, short for Adaptive Physics EXtensions, which is basically a new set of game developer tools which should help in easier and better implementation of physics in future games.

According to the press release, APEX tools consists of three components: Pipeline Offload, Scaling Level of Detail System and Pre-built Verticals. The Pipeline Offload is physics optimizations for the game engine, which should reduce GPU and CPU bottlenecks for physics. The Pipeline Offload is actually the foundation of APEX which developers can use to fully empower Ageia's PhysX processor.

The Scaling Level of Detail System enables AGEIA APEX to dynamically scale the amount of physical simulation done in the game to best utilize the process power used by the system, for example, adjusting the number of particle emitters in a scene or the degree of fracturing in a destruction system. This option will also be available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Pre-built Verticals actually scenario libraries, which enable developers to quickly enable specific advanced physics features and they should help to minimize implementation time needed for gaming physics.

Also in that same press release AGEIA stated that APEX will be distributed without additional charge with Unreal Engine 3.0 in early 2008. AGEIA is getting more attention with every new day.

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