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You Don?t Know Jack to come back

by on20 August 2008


Jellyvision to make return with new Jack offerings

A bit of excitement ran through Fudzilla today with the announcement that Jellyvision will make a long-awaited return to the gaming business with the quiz show classic, “You Don’t Know Jack.”

The development studio at Jellyvision will be headed up by Mike Bilder, who formally headed up the Midway Chicago studio before leaving after eight years of service.

The goal is to bring “Jack” to all of the major console platforms as well as PC, mobile, handheld and coin-op offerings. Jellyvision has many ideas to bring Jack back and they are excited to test some of these concepts in the market space.

The new versions of YDKJ will focus on the social aspects as well as the comedy aspects of the game that made it such a classic with fans. Of course, Bilder claimed that if the new version of YDKJ does poorly in focus testing they will just move to add guns and nudity, which should make it a sure fire hit.

We have played hours upon hours of this game and we are excited to see the game make its return. The return of YDKJ will re-introduce the game to an audience that never really had any exposure to the original and we suspect that it will do very well on the console systems.

Last modified on 20 August 2008
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