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Ubisoft suing for PC leak

by on08 August 2008


Attempting to make a statement on piracy

Ubisoft has filed suit against disc replicator, Optical Experts Manufacturing, who has been accused of being the source of the early leak of the PC version Assassin’s Creed that appeared on the Internet for download almost six weeks before the game was officially released.

It seems that Optical Experts Manufacturing is said to be the source of the PC version Assassin’s Creed that was downloaded over 700,000 times prior to the game’s official release. According to what we are hearing, a copy of the title was leaked by an employee after the game was removed from the company’s premise.

Software developers continue to cite software piracy on the PC platform as one of the main reasons that developers have turned their attention to console systems that are said to have a much lower piracy rate than that of the PC platform.

Ubisoft is understandably unhappy, as the sales of the PC version of the title did not live up to the sales of the console versions of the game which is said to have sold over 40,000 copies. By contrast, the game is said to have been downloaded over 700,000 times prior to release of the title on the PC. Ubisoft views this as a great quantity of lost sales.

In addition, the early leaked version of the PC version of Assassin’s Creed contained a bug that made the game crash halfway through the game. Sources indicate that this bug was placed in the title prior to the final version being sent for replication for security reasons.

The Ubisoft lawsuit claims negligence on the part of Optical Experts Manufacturing, as well as copyright infringement and breach of contract. Ubisoft is seeking about $10 million in damages.

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