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Leaked upcoming 360 dashboard pulled

by on30 July 2008


Site showed how to get it early, but it is at an end

One of the biggest announcements from Microsoft at E3 was the news that the fall update would contain a new dashboard overhaul that Microsoft is calling the “Xbox Experience” dashboard. As is normal with more things these days, instructions by a blog called XHavok87 showed how to get it early.

XHavok87 offered a video with detailed instructions how to get the new dashboard up and working early. While the instructions were not for those who were not technically inclined, the leaked Dashboard appeared to be functional and the information appeared to be valid.

It seems, however, that the mighty arm of Microsoft didn’t take too kindly to XHavok87’s info, and it has since vanished without any comment. The site itself says nothing more than “Sorry guys, no more…! Enough Said!”

Those hoping to get their hands on the updated dashboard ahead of the fall release will just have to wait or hope that someone else is brave enough to challenge Microsoft again.

Last modified on 30 July 2008
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