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Star Trek Online now with Cryptic

by on29 July 2008


Will take over for Perpetual and finish the MMO title

Cryptic Studios has now confirmed that they have the license to continue the development of the much delayed, but highly anticipated, Star Trek Online MMO project that was in doubt after developer Perpetual Entertainment went under earlier this year.

Cryptic is best known for the City of Heroes MMO. After a legal battle over the license was settled, the Bay Area developer has come out on top as the winner. Details are somewhat limited as to the time frame for release as are additional details about the development.

It was revealed, however, that Cryptic will have more to tell about Star Trek Online during the annual Star Trek Convention that will be held in Las Vegas starting on Sunday, August 10th.

Cryptic revealed that they are excited about the ability to obtain the license for Star Trek Online and they look forward to developing a product that captures the real essence of Star Trek. We look forward to seeing Cryptic live up to these lofty goals and we are hopeful that they will be able to deliver a title that this worthy franchise has desperately needed for a long time.

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