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Bungie does not announce new title

by on17 July 2008


Microsoft confirms new Halo title in development

The mystery surrounding the Bungie countdown timer on their Web site seems to have drawn to a less than climatic end, with the news that plans had changed and the announcement that they were going to make during E3 has been changed by the plans of their publisher.

While many in the community thought that the news would be a new title from Bungie, it turns out that the cat is out of the bag, at least on the rumor circuit, and the news that they were going to announce was a new Halo game that was neither the RTS Halo game that is in development nor the Halo Chronicles project that is being worked on by Peter Jackson.

While Microsoft has confirmed that Bungie is working on a new Halo title, they have said little else on the subject at the moment. They did suggest that a more detailed announcement is coming, but gave no hint of when we can expect it.

Bungie does say that they will reveal the announcement at a later date, but it is somewhat a surprise that Microsoft would not want to see this full information released at E3, as it would be clearly another tool that they can use in their war against Sony’s PlayStation 3. Still, with everyone now knowing what it is, the pressure will be on to get the details, which will be clearly coming at a later date.

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