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3,000 stat padders wiped

by on14 July 2008


DICE and EA are dealing with the problem

DICE and EA have wiped the stats of over 3,000 players of the recently released Battlefield: Bad Company on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console platforms.

According to the information that was released, DICE and EA are committed to maintaining a fair online experience for all players and take the problem of players using exploits in the game to pad their individual stats very seriously.

Players were said to be exploiting the game play mechanics to pad their stats over honest players, and over 3,000 of these stat padders have had their stats reset. Those that have had their stats reset should expect to receive an Email within the next 24 to 72 hours telling them why this action was taken.

DICE and EA claim that this is not a one-off instance and they will continue to monitor and scan for potential issues and wiping the stats of those that are exploiting the game play in order to pad their stats.

It would seem that console players are finding out what those in the PC Battlefield world have known for a long time; some players continue to exploit the game to pad their stats, which really is nothing more than cheating, whether it is on the PC or console systems. DICE has also said that they continue to examine bug and exploit reports and they plan to update the software to address the issues that are present in the initial release of the game.

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