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Halo without Master Chief?

by on14 July 2008


Rumors suggest that is what is in the works

It seems that a lot of rumors are now circulating from a variety of sources that suggest that the next installment in the Halo series will not feature Halo icon, Master Chief.

This comes as a bit of a surprise, since the extended ending in legendary mode showed Master Chief adrift in space. It was thought that Master Chief would be back in action again fighting for survival on a hostile alien planet.

If you believe the sources, this isn’t it at all and Bungie will announce a new Halo title that does not feature Master Chief at all. As far as when Bungie will announce this new Halo title, all anyone knows at this point is that it is expected to be later on this year.

Despite all of the suggestions that an announcement could come during E3 this week, we doubt that it will. We do know that Halo might not be the same without Master Chief and Bungie might want to think long and hard about the development of a Halo title that he would not have at least a part in.

Last modified on 14 July 2008
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