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Computer games will be free

by on07 July 2008


Pirate beating mode

Computer games will become free as companies take the pirates on, according to an industry expert.

David Perry, who is famous for his Enter the Matrix, Earthworm Jim and Messiah games said that the next big thing for the industry would be free games. He said that it was the best way to deal with pirates who would not be bothered if they are competing with a free product.

Perry said the idea worked really well in Asia and will turn the industry on its head. The software companies will make their dosh by chargng people inside the game to make like for interesting.

A character with a plain white T-shirt would be able to buy a nicer one you could have it for a dollar. Or perhaps you could buy a magic sword for a knight for a dollar. There is also plenty of scope for more inline advertising.
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