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Rock Band 2 coming for Xbox 360

by on01 July 2008


Coming in September

Rock Band 2, the sequel to the hugely popular Rock Band video game, is in the works for the Xbox 360 and will be released this September, according to its creators. Rock Band 2 is a collaborative effort among Electronic Arts, Inc., Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. and MTV games, a Viacom unit.

This is a coup for the Rock Band creators, as if it makes the September deadline it will be months ahead of the release of its competition’s game, Guitar Hero. Both games allow players to simulate playing musical instruments in a rock band, with up to four people playing the guitar, bass controllers, and a drum set and singing over the microphone.

The Rock Band 2 collaborative team indicated that Rock Band 2 will include additional instruments and a new soundtrack, as well as online community capability. Since Rock Band was initially released in November 2007 the online music store for Rock Band has sold over 15 million music downloads, with over 200 music tracks available for purchase. Music downloads for the first Rock Band game are reportedly going to be compatible with Rock Band 2.

Rock Band 2 is being released for the Xbox 360 first and will be available for other console games later in the year. Guitar Hero, created by Activision, plans a release of its sequel, Guitar Hero: World Tour, just before the holidays, and will reportedly add a drum set and microphone to its game with this release.

Both video games have led to a huge resurgence of interest in the classical rock songs that are featured on the tracks of the video games. Songs from Kiss, The Scorpions, The Who, The Grateful Dead, Boston, Judas Priest and The Cars are among the many familiar tunes available on Rock Band and Guitar Hero that were popular with an earlier generation. Some parents have even discovered to their delight that their teenagers are now interested in the same music that they enjoyed as teens and young adults.

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