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New Maps & Patch coming for BF2

by on23 June 2008


DICE to make it official later today

The continued popularity of Battlefield 2 amazes even DICE. In response to this continued popularity John Hargelid from DICE let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, saying that DICE would make an announcement Monday about a new patch for Battlefield 2 that would also include new maps. From our understanding DICE will post an official release with more information later today.

The news that DICE will release a new patch as well as new maps for Battlefield 2 does come as more than a bit of a surprise. The Battlefield community has been asking for a patch to correct some nagging issues with Battlefield 2 for some time, but these requests seem to fall on deaf ears at DICE who were busy working on other projects. With many Battlefield 2 players not making the transition to Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 2 continues to remain quite popular.

Our take on this decision to revive Battlefield 2 with another patch and some new maps seems to be better late than never. As long as the patch does not introduce new bugs into Battlefield 2, we suspect that the Battlefield community will be behind the new patch. It was amazing how much the new patch and maps for Battlefield 2142 did to draw players back a game that many had written off for dead. Maybe lightning can strike twice, and DICE will release this patch and these new maps and players will return to Battlefield 2 in droves.

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