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Rock Band sells 1.5 million copies

by on14 May 2008


EA planning 55 releases in the coming year

EA was more surprised than anyone that Rock Band has sold a respectable 1.5 million copies during Q4. This was one of the surprises that came out of a call with EA and investors today.

EA Execs said that they plan to release 55 new titles, including 30 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, 20 titles for the Wii, 18 for the Nintendo DS, 8 for the PSP, 30 for the PC, and 15 for the PS2, which continues to remain a viable platform.

CEO John Riccitiello was asked to comment on the state of PC gaming and he described it as “soft” and noted that except for Sims and World of Warcraft it would be “a pretty dismal sector.”

He did indicate that they are seeing growth, however, in microtransactions, subscriptions, and casual gaming on the PC. He noted that these areas had been growing for several years; and it is safe to say that they are considering these bright spots and that EA will focus attention on these areas.

While all of the 55 titles were not announced, highlights include the 20th anniversary edition of Madden Football and the new addition to the Sims franchise called Sims Animals.

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