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Droid Assault is launched

by on06 May 2008


Droids out of control


Puppy Games launched a new game called Droid Assault. It’s an arcade shooter where your task is taking over Omni-Corp, where all the battle androids are locked up and busy with destroying anything that moves.

Your task is, of course, to get in there and start shooting at everything that moves. By destroying the droids, you get so-called transfer points that enable you to capture and convert the hostile droids to your side. You can modify and upgrade the droids throughout the game, so you could basically build yourself a mighty army that’ll have your work cut out for you.

The game packs 50 unique levels, 48 different droids, 20 high-tech weapons, 17 different upgrades for droids and 4 Droid “Bosses” that you have to defeat.

The game costs €6.77, and you can download the demo here.

Last modified on 06 May 2008
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