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GTA IV selling music

by on05 May 2008


Through Amazon Digital Music store


Following in the footsteps of games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero III that scored huge success based on the in-game tunes, Grand Theft Auto IV will soon be more than just a game. It will enable users to tag any song on the soundtrack, find out more about the artist and the song itself and store tagged tracks in a playlist you can later purchase from Amazon's Digital Music store.

However, Rock Band and Guitar Hero III let you use the songs as in-game elements, and you can't download them to your MP3 player or any other device, so GTA IV has an edge over the competition here.

GTA IV packs an impressive soundtrack of 200 songs, more than any game before it. Furthermore, at the time when the contract between Amazon and Rockstar Games was signed, Amazon had only 40% of the soundtrack in their database, and Rockstar went really far to make this work.

What we'd like to know is whether we'll be able to purchase the whole soundtrack as it is, because GTA soundtracks have always been about more than just music. Some of you might remember hilarious radio feats with the in-game Chatterbox radio host Lazlo, which personally made my day on many occasions, and I'd really like to get my hands on some of those.

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