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PlayStation 3 outsells XboX 360

by on17 April 2008


By about 55.000 units in March


It's a well-known fact by now that Nintendo Wii is THE top-selling gaming console, but no.2 position is still up for grabs. Or was, at least. Analyst Michael Pachter claims that Playstation 3 outsold XboX 360 by around 55.000 units in March.

PlayStation 3 sold 365,000 units, whereas XboX 360 managed to sell 310,000 consoles. Nintendo, of course, leads the pack with no less than 700,000 units sold.

Analyst Michael Pachter also said that since April, Nintendo has been diverting significant supplies to Europe, since the U.S. dollar started plumetting and made this market less profitable.

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Last modified on 17 April 2008
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