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In a surprise move, no Madden 09 on PC

by on03 April 2008


The game that started life on the computer to be dropped

Electronic Arts announced that Madden 09 will not make its way to the PC platform this time around. Peter Moore indicated that despite the fact that they have not given up on the PC as a gaming platform, the PC right now presents some serious business challenges.

While Electronic Arts indicated that they have yet to give up on the PC as a gaming platform, sports titles in particular just are more popular on console systems right now. EA did add that they have some ideas on how to re-energize the sports genre on the PC platform, but no additional details were released on how EA intends to go about doing this.

It is not currently known if EA will be canceling additional sports titles on the PC platform, as well, but to see Madden (which got its start on the home computer platform) come to an end for the time being has to be disheartening to PC gamers who enjoyed the title on the PC. While EA’s Peter Moore admits that the decision to cancel the PC sports titles would be unpopular, he does state that, “We are committed to shipping a limited number of games on the PC this year.”  In the short term, we take this to mean that EA has not given up on the PC. We would hate to see NHL Hockey on the PC be one of the titles that is just not being released this year, but we suspect that like Madden 09, NHL 09 is likely not going to make the cut for release on the PC this time around, either.

Read more in Peter Moore’s Blog here.

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