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EA is working on three new titles

by on11 March 2008


No Formula 1


Electronic Arts
decided to throw a couple of new ideas into the pot and refresh their FIFA and NBA titles in numerous ways. Well, it was about time, since the new FIFA game hardly brought any novelties compared to the previous version.

Chief of Marketing, Todd Sitrin, said:” We’ve got three titles in the works now, and only Facebreaker was officially announced.”

Facebreaker will, as the name itself says, offer real time demolition of your opponent's face. However, it won’t be that brutal because the graphics will be comic-based, so the game will not look like a horror movie. The other two titles remain a mystery.

However, all you Formula 1 fans will be disappointed, since there will be no sequel. “Formula 1 license is not available yet. It might change in a couple of years, but until then we must respect the fact that Sony owns the rights and license for Formula 1,” Moore said.

Last modified on 11 March 2008
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