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SCi Eidos laying off workers

by on01 March 2008


One quarter of company


Although the gaming industry seems very profitable and many think that companies don’t know what to do with cash – certain moves make us think otherwise.

A move like that is soon to be carried out by SCi, a company that among others owns Eidos. SCi announced that they’ll have to fire one quarter of their employees and pull the plug on several projects. The number of employees should not exceed 800 and the reason for this is internal restructuring of the company. Thus, non-profitable projects (a total of 14) will be cancelled.

CEO Phil Rogers said: “To bring SCi back to the right track, we must act quickly and efficiently. We must enable our most creative individuals to concentrate on popular and profitable titles in order to vouch for the value our stockholders expect. I’m sure that our employees think so to.”

Yeah, right, especially the ones out on the street.

Last modified on 03 March 2008
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