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Philips/Lite-On launch first Blu-Ray ROM

by on13 November 2007


Available in December at €126

have launched the world's first Blu-Ray ROM, the DH-4O1S (no, the "O" after the 4 is not a typo, it's an "O", not a zero.)

The first Blu-Ray ROM ? Well this might sound a bit confusing, since you've probably seen Blu-Ray optical drives before, but these are burners, and not ROMs like this baby.

Apart from the obvious fact that it can't burn discs, the most important thing to say about this device is that it's really cheap compared to other Blu-Ray and HD-DVD drives. It will retail at €126, while other devices will set you back anywhere from
170 to over €200.

If you don't need a burner, or if you're pleased with the one you have now, it's a tempting offer. If you want HD DVD support too, you'll have to go for LG's GGC-H20LRB, which costs

DH-4O1S should hit the shelves sometime in December, and you can check the prices and find a retailer on Our readers in the U.S. can expect a $199 price tag, and, for once, Europeans aren't the ones getting ripped off.
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