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Futuremark enters gaming business

by on30 January 2008


Futuremark Games Studio is born


The famous maker of 3DMark, Futuremark Corporation of Finland, has announced the birth of Futuremark Games Studio, the part of Futurmark that will be developing original IP games.

The large part of the community agrees that this had to happen, sooner or later. Futuremark has managed to surprise us with its benchmark demos, so the games might end up to be really good. It will be fun to watch the rumors that will start around the first Futuremark game. The site is here, but there is nothing much to look at yet, but according to the press release something might happen very soon.

Even our colleagues from, which is a Futuremark publication, don't have anything yet. They will probably be the first to get some info, so keep your eyes open. Futurmark Games Studio is finally here and it's going to stay.

Last modified on 31 January 2008
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