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Far Cry 2 is mutant free

by on27 January 2008


Developer Blog dismisses the rumors

After this week’s rumors on the internet, Ubisoft’s Creative Director, Clint Hocking, has officially spoken through the company's Developer Blog and dismissed them as being exactly that - rumors.

The rumors were that in Far Cry 2, there will be mutants and players will be gaining mutant powers and properties. Clint Hocking, however, says, no aliens, no mutants or anything alike, and the game will continue to follow the tradition of hardcore reality action. In a nutshell, it means a good old bullet in the forehead will still do the job and send the enemies to their maker (and by that we do not mean the developer).

Also, the rumors that the game will at first be exclusive to PS3 werealso dismissed, so the PC and XboX 360 versions will be out on the same day.

You can check out this official video statement as well as the new trailer here.

Last modified on 28 January 2008
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