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WOW finally reaches 10 million users

by on22 January 2008


The "addiction" spreads


has finally announced the fact that was more or less expected: World of Warcraft has finally surpassed the 10 million subscriber mark.

Blizzard has counted subscribers as those who have paid a subscription fee or are using an active prepaid card, users that are within their free month of access, and Internet Game Room players who have accessed the game during the last 30 days. The "players" under expired or canceled subscriptions, as well as those under free promotional subscriptions, are excluded from the 10 million mark. World of Warcraft is currently played by more than 2 million gamers in Europe, 2.5 million in North America and 5.5 million in Asia.

How much money does Blizzard get from this? You can do the math yourself. Don't forget the Wrath of the Lich King expansion that is coming.

Last modified on 24 January 2008
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