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More games headed to the Mac

by on17 January 2008


COD 4 and Spore are the latest

In conjunction with Mac World, Aspyr Media announced today that they will be bringing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to the Mac. The Mac version will be released with all of the features that PC Gamers have already come to love, including 5.1 Surround Sound and the community oriented multi-player experience that this title delivers. Aspyr is projecting that the Mac version of COD 4 should be ready in the May 2008 time frame.

Electronic Arts announced that the new Will Wright designed title, Spore, will be coming to the Mac in addition to the PC. According to the press release, Spore will ship later this year, but EA did not say if the release will be for the PC and Mac platforms at the same time or separately from each other. Spore has been the subject of much conjecture, as the title has been delayed and fans have been hoping that the title would get back on track so that it would make it to market soon.

EA did not give a specific time frame for the release beyond indicating that it would be slated to ship later this year.

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