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Laser etched version of Zune to launch

by on13 November 2007


Second generation with art work

will be kicking off the launch of the new second generation Zune music players. The new version of the Zune will also coincide with the launch of the new version of the Zune marketplace software.

The biggest news about the new second generation Zune has to be the unique laser etched artwork that will be available for the second generation Zune. The Zune will be available in pink, green, black, or glossy red. A selection of 27 laser etched designs make up what Microsoft is calling the Zune original artists series of players. Zune original artists’ series of players will feature artwork from 18 different artists, including Colletivo Studios, Catalina Estrada, Laurent Fetis, Sam Flores, and Klaus Haapaniemi.

If the Zune original artists’ series does not tickle your fancy, then you can also select from the Zune tattoo series, which will offer 20 different designs. If you don’t like either one if these choices, you can opt to add five lines of laser engraved text onto your Zune.

The laser engraving and artwork are free options for the second generation of Zune that will continue for a limited time. We would not count on Microsoft offering this free option for very long, as it is expensive.

Last modified on 13 November 2007
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