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Wii Fit sells a million copies in Japan

by on10 January 2008



The Japanese have always been known for their longevity and a healthy diet, but it seems that you can never get enough health and fitness and they're buying Wii Fit in droves. We will stop short of speculating just how good Wii Fit is for you, but according to Nikkei over a million Japanese who bought the game in the past month or so seem to think that it is.

The game ships with the "Wii Balance Board" which keeps track of your movement and lets you perform more than 40 different exercises. It looks rather flimsy, though, so if you've really let yourself go you should probably take a different approach to weight control.

Nintendo did market the game aggressively, but selling over a million copies in Japan, just a month after the launch, is still a surprisingly good result. The game is set to hit European shelves soon. Too bad Nintendo missed out on the post-holiday fat losing days in the West.
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