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Duke Nukem Forever teaser materializes

by on19 December 2007



No, there's no need to pinch yourself, the new Duke Nukem Forever teaser really is out.

In recent years the game had become synonymous with vaporware and it's probably the longest running joke in the industry. The 3D Realms guys made the teaser for internal purposes, as a part of holiday festivities. In the end they decided to share it with all Duke lovers who didn't get sick of waiting for the long overdue sequel in the first place.

The teaser itself is about a minute long and you can take a look at it here. Nothing spectacular, but it's kinda nice to see Duke pumping iron with a fat cigar in his mouth, for old times sake.

When you consider that the game was originally announced a full decade earlier, the "stay tuned" bit at the end of the clip sure does sound ridiculous, almost surreal.
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