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Microsoft QFE to fix Crysis performance

by on30 November 2007


On Vista 64 bit

Microsoft is working on QFE, Quick Fix Engineering for Vista 64, and the company hopes that it can speed up the game.

Currently, as we've proved, Vista 64 tends to be 25 percent slower than the same game under Windows XP and Microsoft wants it to perform better. Vista is completely losing face in front of a million gamers. While we don’t mind if it’s a bit slower, 25 percent is simply too much.

Microsoft’s Quick Fix Engineering will address and update yet another virtual memory issue, and it looks like Microsoft is not lacking any with Vista 64 bit. This is not the first virtual memory issue that Microsoft has found and probably not the last one.

This is what you get if you want to have terabytes of addressing space, but if you want to go for 4GB memory, you simply have to use Vista 64 bit.

The only sad thing is that we, as the ones affected with the performance issue, finished 2/3 of the game and there is a big chance that we will face the big boss at the end of the game before the patch. is released 

Last modified on 02 December 2007
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