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Duke Nukem on life support

by on27 November 2007


Coming out next year, yeah right

just couldn't resist writing this one up. A whole decade has passed since we saw Duke in action, and since then fans have been waiting and waiting for the promised Duke Nukem Forever sequel.

Literally thousands of rumors have appeared over the years, most of them claiming that the game will be out "next year" and promising stunning graphics and gameplay. Well, ten "next years" later, there's still no sign of it. Not that we care, we pretty much got sick of this hype around 2000, but it's still nice to see that a game has a following ten years after it ruled the fps world in the age of MMX machines with S3 Virge graphics.

Do we think this rumor might be true? No, we don't, especially after looking up the original source. There's a slight chance something might actually come out of this, but even if it does, frankly, we just don't care anymore.

Here's the rumor.

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