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Singapore bans Mass Effect

by on15 November 2007


Alien kiss deemed immoral

Singapore has banned a Vole game for containing explicit scenes: an alien - human "lesbian" kiss, to be more precise.

Mass Effect, a futuristic space game from Microsoft was banned by Singapore's Media Development Authority. The controversial scene depicts a human woman and an alien woman kissing and caressing each other. This is the first time this game was banned in any country, and this is probably the first time that a game has been banned for an interspecies kiss. Shooting people in the head is still just fine, if you ask the puritans.

Singapore is one of the most conservative countries in the region, and the authorities have already banned several video games in the past. A couple of months ago, Singapore's lawmakers upheld a law which bans sexual activity between men. However, we're not sure that an alien-human kiss involving females is regulated by this particular law.

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