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Manhunt 2 from Rockstar

by on26 October 2007


Most loved (or hated) game available during Halloween

Manhunt 2,
one of Rockstar’s latest games, is due for release aptly on Halloween; it is one of those games made specifically for the horror genre.

The game begins as you wake up in a mental asylum with a bloodied syringe in your manacled hands, a dead white-coated individual on the floor before you, and an open door to your padded cell. “Now is your chance to take your life back,” is the quoted reference from the Website.  With dementia, amnesia and drug addiction as your foremost companions you are required to navigate through the haze of your past to find your future. The game will be available for the Sony Playstation 2, PS3 and the Nintendo Wii, with a possible PC release at a later date.

Understandably, the game has generated a lot of uproar from many concerned organizations who feel that Rockstar has overstepped the boundaries of entertainment into the realm of twisted, sadistic mind-numbing horror and graphic violence. This is somewhat true, especially since the Nintendo Wii game controls allow you, as the person playing the character within the game, to actually hack, knife, chop and slice your enemies using the actual physical actions as you progress through the game.

Banned in the U.K. and under pressure from many groups in the U.S. as overly gratuitously gory, Manhunt 2 is not without controversy. Yesterday, Rockstar launched its final trailer footage for the game, which is available for download here. Please note you must be over the age of 18 to download it.
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