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Battlefield 3 Rumor Response

by on15 October 2007


Finally, more than “No Comment”


Last Thursday we reported that rumors on the Internet were pointing toward a possible announcement from EA and DICE of the development of Battlefield 3 for the PC platform. After both EA and DICE had given us more than our fair share of “No Comment” via Email, we finally have received more than that.

EA and DICE have released the following statement:

“We don’t comment on rumors or speculation. Currently announced titles from DICE are “Battlefield Bad Company” and “Mirror’s Edge,” you’ll hear from us officially as soon as we have anything further to announce. For any future announcements regarding “Battlefield” keep an eye on”

One thing obvious about this statement is that the rumors must have reached some sort of a fever pitch for EA and DICE to issue more than the standard “no comment” that they have been saying since the rumors began.

Let’s analyze what we know and what we think has been said so far.

We are sure that “Battlefield Bad Company” will be released for the console first, with a possibility of it being ported to PC at a later date. We know next to nothing about the “Mirror’s Edge” project, other than it is a departure from the “Battlefield” series and, as with “Battlefield Bad Company,” it uses the Frostbite engine.

As for announced future plans on the PC platform, right now the only possibility is “Mirror’s Edge” and maybe a hope that “Bad Company” will be ported to the PC later. This does lend itself well to EA and DICE making some sort of an announcement at the Consumer Electronic Show in January for a new title for the PC and a timetable for the release of such a title.

We can’t say whether DICE is working on a next generation “Battlefield” game for the PC or not. We can say that the evidence seems to lend itself to support this. EA and DICE have tried to put the brakes on the rumor generation mill.  Does this mean that the rumors hit too close to home and they are trying a misdirection play to throw the journalists off the scent?

In our opinion, one of two things is likely going on: (1) someone has indeed hit upon something fairly accurate and leaked it to the press and EA/DICE is trying to control the speculation as much as possible until they can announce it publicly; or (2) this is an elaborate ruse by a “Battlefield” Fanboy who has prepared some sort of a wish list and leaked the information to the press to try to force EA/DICE to respond with some sort of an announcement. In about another 90 days we should have a pretty good idea how accurate the rumor information was. Stay tuned, as we predict that we have not seen the last of this saga.

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