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Xbox 360 Premium unlocked, works

by on12 October 2007


One of five chips

At the same day we had a chance to see the unlocked premium Xbox 360. The principle is the same here in Bosnian wilds the chaps managed to get hold of some unlocking chips and one of them apparently works flawlessly.

Yet again you have to solder and the chip on a small PCB is available all over European Union and probably wider. After soldiering and a firmware update the console works for all the copied games.

This definitely saves you some money on the games but at the same time can get you in trouble with laws but not here in Bosnian wilds as software copyright laws do not exist in this part of the world. Actually, the laws do exist, and theoretically you could get up to 5 years in prison for piracy, just like in the EU, but due to rampant piracy the legislation simply can't be implemented effectively on a home consumer level.

Bulgaria and Romania are now part of the EU, but they are also known for high levels of piracy, probably comes due the weak economy and that the retail Playstation 3 costs about €700 here in the country where people earn about half that on average per month.

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