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New program allows refurbished PCs to get Windows

by on12 November 2007


Nothing like finding a way to get paid twice

Microsoft has opened a new revenue stream with the announcement that it is going to work with large companies that sell refurbished PCs to help them get a new copy of Windows to go along with these refurbed PCs. Microsoft claims that it is a great way to stop machines from heading to the landfill, but many suggest that Microsoft is just creating a new way to take advantage of its license agreement for Windows to open a new revenue stream.

Most companies that handle the refurbishment of PCs ship them with no operating system loaded, or they ship them with Linux loaded on them. Microsoft is calling the new program “MAR” for Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.  This program will allow MAR authorized vendors to redistribute PCs that have valid COAs (Certificate of Authenticity) to be reloaded with an authorized copy of Windows XP Home or Windows XP Pro, restoring it to the state that was shipped from the manufacturer.

It will be interesting to see how this program works out for Microsoft, but we can say that it appears to be a step in the right direction.

Last modified on 12 November 2007
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