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?BioShock? demo for PC released

by on21 August 2007

PC gamers able to purchase it starting today

Weighing in at 1.84GB, 2K Games has announced that the much awaited “BioShock” demo for the PC has been released. While a demo version was released on Xbox Live last week for Xbox 360 owners, PC users will have to wait until 2K Games finished polishing up the PC version of the demo for release.

To start with, the demo will be only available to FilePlanet users following a trend that many new demo and beta versions of PC games have been using. Reports of fake “BioShock” links to download the demo continue to appear from a variety of sources, so my suggestion is that you stick with FilePlanet to download it, at least for the time being.

Our initial impression of the demo is good. The game plays well with our HD 2900 XT at 1,280x1,024 and looks very good. Although we have not personally played the 360 demo yet, reports claim that the PC demo is the same, except that it will support all of the graphics horsepower your computer can deliver. We suggest for best performance and the least amount of problems that both ATI and Nvidia owners update their graphics card drivers to the latest version before running the “BioShock” demo.

While it should be available for both the Xbox 360 and PC at your local retailer tomorrow, reports have said that the strong positive buzz on this game might cause PC owners to be unable to latch onto a copy unless they pre-ordered it or are first in line at the store this morning when the store opens.

All hope is not lost because PC users that are Steam subscribers can start pre-loading it now by buying it direct from Steam. If you choose the Steam option to get “BioShock” be aware that it will not be unlocked for play till 4pm EST.

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