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Nintendo WII in a health club

by on25 July 2007


As a standard excercise machine


I remember the time when my grandfather said: “you know my son, there will come a time when geeks will be the fittest people around!” OK, he didn’t say that, but wouldn’t it be cool if he did, because he would’ve been right. The Canadian health club Studeo 55 has incorporated a Nintendo WII workout station into their training equipment.

The owner of this health club, Nathan Melliaieu, said he got an idea of incorporating WII into a fitness environment after seeing how much fun and more importantly sweating these games produce with children.

Melliaieu, while trying to break up the monotony of traditional workouts, says that the biggest result is the actual smile on people’s faces, for as he also says: “fun is important.”

Nintendo is currently developing WII Fit, a 2008 video game with a number of activities ranging from yoga to aerobics. Oh yeah, and I still wish my grandfather said that!

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Last modified on 25 July 2007
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