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$399 will get you lifetime TiVo again

by on09 November 2007


Lifetime service plan returns as an option

After dumping its lifetime service plan, TiVo has announced that it was such a popular option that it is bringing it back again for the holidays for existing customers. In order to combat all of the DVRs that are being offered from cable and satellite companies that use the TiVo technology, TiVo is trying to bring its customers back into the fold.

The goal of the lifetime service plan is to allow existing customers to purchase new generations of TiVo units and allow them to purchase a lifetime service plan, just like many already have on their existing units. Many users have grown unhappy with cable or satellite provided DVR units that just don’t offer the features and flexibility that TiVo units do. In addition, many TiVo owners currently have existing units that are a generation or two behind the new third generation models that TiVo recently introduced.

TiVo pricing structure currently is US$16.95 per month, or a three-year pre-paid plan for US$299. In addition to these options, TiVo will start offering existing customers the chance to pay US$399 for a lifetime subscription. After a somewhat rocky start, TiVo’s new HD Series 3 HD DVRs now seem to be gaining some traction as cable companies finally are sorting out some of the issues with the initial CableCard roll out (which is required to take full advantage of the HD Series 3 TiVo units).

TiVo has yet to announce if they will be working with U.S. Satellite provider, DirecTV, on a new HD TiVo DVR that is compatible with the recently launched DirecTV satellites. DirecTV opted to drop TiVo compatible DVRs when they chose to produce their own DirecTV branded DVR without TiVo. DirecTV’s relationship with TiVo has thawed a bit as of late when it was announced a few months ago that the two companies would again be working together to provide some upgrades and bug fixes for existing TiVo DVRs.

Many current DirecTV customers have expressed a dislike for the new DirecTV branded DVR units and have told DirecTV that they continue to prefer a DVR that features TiVo technology.

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