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GRAW 2 and Ageia in action

by on24 June 2007

Ageia Island Footage

Guru3D forum member spotted the footage about "AGEIA Island" in Ubisoft's upcoming sequel Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. Physx cards are something that has been talked about a lot, but unfortunately it was just talk, nothing for real. Just recently things heated up a little with first real PhysX game CellFactor that we wrote about here.

Apparently this is the footage of a mission that will take full advantage of the PPU, including what should be a new force-field wind system that adds some reality with the leaves flying around, and with the level of detail. Other rumored features should include full destruction system, like the one that can be seen in this footage, fences, trees, buildings, towers, in short almost everything.

You can check out the footage

. It really looks impressive.

Last modified on 24 June 2007
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