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Fallout 3 Teaser finally here

by on05 June 2007


Crashed the Bethesda server


At the end of a long day, Bethesda Softworks finally posted a teaser to the upcoming Fallout sequel, Fallout 3. You can check it out on the official website if you don't mind waiting, since it is currently a very crowded place.

Every last Fallout fan was on the official Fallout 3 website today waiting for the teaser to go online. While waiting, most of them posted on the forum and refreshed the web page where the teaser was about to appear, so the bottom line of all that was a record number of people on Bethesda's forum and a one hour crash of the entire Bethesda server.

Nevertheless, the teaser trailer is finally here and it looks damn good. The only information revealed is that Fallout 3 is coming in the Fall 2008, and that Ron Perlman is back. Let's just hope that Bethseda can stick to that schedule.

While you wait to download and watch the teaser, you can check out a low quality version of it on Youtube,

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