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New Valve Survey

by on31 May 2007

Now with Windows Vista results

Valve has launched a new version of its survey and it has not only added support for Windows Vista, but a whole range of new graphics cards are also supported. You might not be amazed to know that only 5.66 per cent of users have Windows Vista on their systems.

Although it has only been available for a few hours by the time this was written, some 40,000 surveys has already been filed.

The most popoular graphics cards this time around is the GeForce 7600 and 6600 with 7 and 6.12 per cent respectivley.

Interestingly enough, the 8800 already has some 3.95 per cent of the total graphics card share, that is almost 1,600 owners, but most of those will be owners of GTX or Ultra cards if you have a look at the ammount of VRAM that people have on their graphics cards. It's a small lead over the 640MB GTS, but it's a lead none the less.

Nvidia holds the six top spots on the list of graphics cards and the first ATI card on the list is the old Radeon X800 follwed by the even older Radeon 9600.

Intel has taken a narrow lead over AMD when it comes to CPU install base, 53 versus 47 per cent. Only 22.62 per cent of all the CPU's are dual core and a mere 0.24 per cent is quad core, it goes to show that people aren't upgrading as fast as the processor companies would like them to.

You can find the full list of survey results here and expect them to have changed since this was written as the results are updated every half an hour.
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