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Musician's Myspace page hacked

by on09 November 2007


Alicia Keys sings the blues

MySpace pages for singer Alicia Keys and several other musicians were hacked, in what security experts say is a new type of attack.

Keys' page, along with the pages of a Scottish and a French band, were flagged by users of Exploit Prevention Labs' LinkScanner software, which blocks pages containing malicious code. Roger Thompson, Chief Technology Officer of, said that users started to complain that Keys' page was blocked.

The company looked at the site and discovered that the exploit first attempts to install malware on the visitor's computer if it is not properly patched. If that is not successful, the user is then asked to install a fake codec to view a video. If this did not work the user could be caught if they click anywhere on the page that is not a legitimate link.

The goal of the hack is to take users to and install malicious code. Thompson said he had not seen that kind of "image-background link" before. MySpace said it has fixed the problem.

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Last modified on 10 November 2007
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