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HP to launch a gaming brand

by on01 May 2007


To fight the XPS

The mighty printer company known as HP wants to fight Dell and its dominance in the high end gaming market. Just as Dell acquired well known Alienware, HP acquired VoodooPC, but this is not all.

HP will have some new Voodoo stuff coming soon, but HP will also launch a new gaming brand and should introduce it in time for the back to school period. Various sources has confirmed this and HP will get the exotics such as Geforce 8800 GTX /Ultra, Radeon HD's and Dual and Quad core CPU's.

We still don’t know the brand name, but we know its coming. We don’t know how, but HP is still number one in the PC market, although we are certain when it comes to the gaming market, no one would consider it. Well, for HP's sake we hope this will change.

Last modified on 02 May 2007
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