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Call of Duty 4 announced

by on29 April 2007


The trailer is here, and it looks good 

Activision has released an exclusive trailer of the upcoming sequel in the Call of Duty series. Interestingly, COD has now moved  from its World War II scenarios to Modern Warfare. Unfortunately Activision has not revealed on which platforms will the game be available, so we can just hope that Activision won't forget the PC, like they did with Call Of Duty 3.

A rumor is floating around on the net that it will be available for PC, but again, it is not official information from Activision. The game is expected this fall, altough we think it's more likely to be somewhere around Christmas, as this is a good time to bring out a new game. Another rumor on the net is that the footage in the trailer is apparently taken from the single player campaign, so it shows what the game should look like.

We just need to wait and see. You can check out the trailer of COD 4 on the official web page here, but you have to register. It looks good so you won't waste your time.
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