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No HDMI 1.3 in XBOX 360 elite

by on04 April 2007


Elite version, inferior hardware


Believe it or not, but Microsoft has decided not to install the latest 1.3 version of HDMI in its elite XBOX360. It decided to go with version 1.2. Just for your information, Playstation 3 has the HDMI 1.3.

So, is it really such a big difference? Yes it is, because these 0.1 will bring you TrueHD and DTS-HD audio output. And there is much more to it, these are just the two juiciest features lacking in the 1.2 version.

We thought that the elite version was something special, but it turns out that the "improved HD video connections" are not so much improved after all.


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Last modified on 04 April 2007
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