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No smaller or lighter PSP

by on30 March 2007


Sony boss eats his words

Sony UK boss Ray Maguire has gone back on his previous statements that there would be a smaller and lighter PSP released. Earlier this month Maguire claimed that the current PSP is just the “first iteration” of the handheld, and that an improved version will eventually follow.

Just two weeks later he has told that this will not happen after all. He said that he was referring to the fact that that's what we do as a company and its long term future.

Sony R&D's everything and customers only had to look at PlayStation and PlayStation 2 to see that's always in our mind.

Consumers might expect a revised PSP because Nintendo revised the original DS to the DS Lite, a smaller, lighter version of the original.

Sales of the DS Lite did quite well and many expected Sony to follow suit. Despite this Maguire says that they are two different devices for two different markets.

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