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World of Warcraft crashes on 8800gtx/gts

by on29 March 2007


A G80 only problem

It seems World of Warcraft is having problems with latest Nvidia cards. Geforce 8800 GTX and GTS models are affected by this bug and its getting pretty ugly for WOW players. People are paying top dollar for high end card but it seems that is too much for WOW to handle.


We tried to play World of Warcraft on Core 2 Duo 6600, 2GB of memory and 8800 GTX and we are sad to report that game is crashing all over the place. The setup works perfectly stable in other games. We tried various versions of drivers but we got same result, constant crashing and unplayable game.

As we suspected our case isn't isolated one and we decided to visit Nvidia's and Blizzard's forums. On Blizzards forum we found out that Blizzard recommends lowering AA from 16/8 or 4X to 2X only. For some that solution worked but in our case game still crashed on same parts of the map. Like in Skettis, Terokkar forest and few other places with forest.


Both Nvidia and Blizzard are aware of this problem but none of them want to confess officially. For time being if you play World of Warcraft it would be best to avoid those two cards as its waste of money as the game doesn’t work well with the high end card like G80 series.

Nvidia logo at bottom of screen looks funny since the game works fine on ATI cards and it has so many problems compared to Nvidia ones. So far Nvidia doesn't want to address this problem and its throwing ball to Blizzard which doesn't seem to care much about this problem. We urge Nvidia and Blizzard to work together and fix this crashing problem.

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