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Learn to play Warcraft 3

by on17 March 2007


CEBIT 2007: The game still rocks!


    We thought that this was only possible in Korea where lots of people watch on TV famous gamers playing PC games, but obviously the whole world is in state to become crazy for Warcraft 3. At the World Cyber Games gaming tournament at CEBIT 2007, visitors were discussing tacticts together with gamers who are playing Warcraft 3.

A pro gamer was playing in the booth, while other presenters were explaining the audience why gamer attacked something first, why did he use a specific type of unit (eg. Archer), what would happen if he tried to do something else. We thought that these shows would be boring, but the atmosphere was excellent. The presenters talked about the game with so much passion, like it was a soccer game. Fantastic!



We have been there more than ten times for the last few days, and and it was always crowded. We didn't take the mind reading thingie from OCZ to read their minds, but judging from the look of their faces, people were quite interested in what was going on the big screen.

We don't know if the Warcraft 3 matches will make way to the TV programmes in EU, but even if they did – they will have a some audience guaranteed.



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