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Some PS2 games will work on Euro PS3

by on07 March 2007

There is a hope


Sony says that Europeans have little to fear that their versions of the games console the PS3 will not play their old ps2 games. Sony have removed hardware from the European versions of the PS3 and replaced it with cheaper software.  However this means that the backwards compatibility of the PS3 is greatly reduced. Some older Playstation 2 games still should work on the European console.

There were fears that the European model would not play PS2 games at all. However a spokesperson for Sony said that more than 40 per cent of all PS2 titles would be compatible when the PS3 goes on sale later this month.

He said that there were more than 1000 Playstation 2 titles that will run on the PS3. The only bad thing is if your favourite game is one of the 60 percent that won't work. An Advice, if you want a Playstation 3 you might want to get one from the US as they are definitely cheaper and more equipped than the Euro Playstation 3 will ever be.

Last modified on 07 March 2007
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