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iPhone rumored to get a major overhaul

by on10 January 2009


Firmware 3.0 and 4 cores?


Rumor got around that iPhone just might get four cores, which would probably put a smile on every Apple-fan’s face. Although this is still a rumor, the chance that it will happen is quite real, as Imagination Technologies is set to announce PowerVR SGX543 today.

The PowerVR SGX543 comes with GPGPU acceleration and will reportedly bring 40% better shader performance together with 2.5 times the image processing power of an ARM Cortex-8 CPU. It can supposedly outperform a 600MHz ARM in traditional benchmarks and still not be too power-consuming. Note that company still claims that little has been done on consumption, as they’ve concentrated on highest possible performance.

Only one core on this multi core is said to deliver 35 million polygons per second and a fill rate of 1 gigapixel per second, all that at 200MHz, which is quite impressive. Additionally, the company claims that such a chip would allow GPGPU applications like printing, scanning and document faxing, which is not quite a common Smartphone feature.

Since the iPhone packs roughly the PSP’s muscle, this overhaul would also make the iPhone a thorn in Sony’s and Nintendo’s behind when it comes to the field of mobile-gaming market. iPhone “quad” is rumored to require firmware 3.0, but we’ve no info on that as of yet.

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