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Blackberry spy gets privacy groups in a tiz

by on28 April 2010


Control for the whole family

US outfit
Retina-X Studios has released a more vigilant version of its Mobile Spy program for BlackBerry's that have got privacy advocates upset.

The press release said that the new software allows parents and bosses to “open your eyes” to the real actions of what your child or employee does on your BlackBerry device. Retina-X chief executive James Johns said in a release that it was important that employers and parents knew if their employees or kids were being dishonest.

The previous version of Mobile Spy software kept track of text messaging and telephone calls, providing online access to data by employers, parents or whoever else is paying for smartphone accounts. New Mobile Spy 4.0 software also provides employers or parents with smartphone contacts, calendar events, memos and records of which mobile phone towers a device was within range. This new feature gives parents a way to monitor whether or not a teenager is sending naughty pictures. Employers can find out if company secrets are being snapped for later retrieval.

Versions of Mobile Spy are available for iPhone, Android, Symbian, or Windows Mobile software. However, privacy groups are calling for the software to be banned. The common theme is that people do not need to snoop on their kids or employees in that much detail ever.
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