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Verizon CEO admits he wants iPhone

by on08 April 2010


No surprise, as we believe that they will get it

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg has now publicly admitted that he would like for Verizon to be able to carry the iPhone and offer it to its customers. The timing and wording of the statement are both interesting, as it appears from where we sit that Seidenberg was very careful with what he said so as not to upset the Jobs mob.

From what our sources tell us, development of a CDMA/EVDO version of the iPhone is in progress and being developed along with the latest GSM/3G version. Of course, you need a CDMA/EVDO version if it is going to run on the Verizon network; no surprise there.

The bigger question is when AT&T’s exclusive in the U.S. expires and when Verizon will start offering the iPhone. We have to think (based on our discussion with our sources) that the deal has already been done, and that unless AT&T throws some sort of curve ball that no one is expecting, Verizon will be selling iPhones this year. It is just a question of when.

Seidenberg is also quoted as saying that the decision whether Verizon will get to sell the iPhone solely rests with Apple, but he did know that Verizon was prepared to sell the iPhone and that the Verizon network can more than handle the network traffic that Verizon iPhones would generate. AT&T, meanwhile, is frantically upgrading their network to add more capacity and higher performance.

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